Spices, ciders and pulled pork

Imagine is a Saturday morning and you don´t have anything for breakfast/brunch in your kitchen. You are tired of canned soups, pastas and sandwiches so the supermarket in the corner is not an option.  Luckily, you live in London and where to eat is never a problem (unless your tube line is not working that weekend).

London have many option to choose from and one of the best is the Borough Market. Located at the south of London Bridge, this market is probably the most famous one in London. It is fully open from Thursday to Saturday and they have one of the most interesting food offers of the city. We know this market existed before 1276 although not in the same street where it stands know. In 1550, Kind Edward VI tried to control the growing markets in the Southwark but the measures taken caused much more trouble and chaos in the city that the disorder the markets originally provoked. For that reason, in 1756 the Borough market was moved to its present location although the building we now know was built in 1851. It was refurbished in 2001 parts of the old Covent Garden Market were added.

But  the Borough Market is not only the place to buy prepared food as falafel or a really French raclettea  it is also  the place where you will find the best ingredients Britain has to offer. From purple potatoes to all the varieties of tomatoes it is the best option to go if you are thinking in preparing a fancy dinner.  Also, all kinds of exotic food are available from dry chillies to alligator meat and the best olive oil in the country.  Don´t forget to cross the street and drink an espresso in the overcrowded famous coffee shop in front. I promise you is worth it.

But don´t go every Saturday, your wallet will suffer and you will end up buying incredible expensive and common tea. The Borough Market is a treat that you cannot miss and is worth to keep it for special occasions.