And here comes the blog!

I find it kind of difficult to summarise my research experience via a blog.
Working as a researcher is not as simple as it appears: we don’t have “fixed” working hours (sometimes we work more than what’s on the contract!) or a fixed working schedule. Indeed, working in Science sometimes cannot be limited to a 24h capping: what we start on a morning does not necessarily end when we go home; it might continue for days, weeks and sometimes months, depending on the experimental setup! Thus finding the time to keep this updated is another interesting challenge.

I spent the first months to familiarise with the relative new workplace, to get along with the new supervisors, colleagues and all the staff to transform the new job into my daily routine. It was also mandatory and important to familiarise with the rules, duties, organisational chart, responsibilities, fund expenditure and, above all, the new research techniques and experimental models I had to learn and become proficient (and this is actually where most of my time has gone) …yes, I think you are beginning to understand it: the Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship does not only consist of an intense research project, it possesses a strong component made of training, learning and all those aspects necessary to foster a young researcher’s capabilities towards scientific independence.

As part of this, I have also developed a series of outreach activities that see me involved in public activities, such as being a Marie Curie Ambassador, Volunteering for Diabetes UK as Risk Assessor, provide guided touring of lab to show our research and facilities to interested audiences…and, of course, write this blog!

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