Higher education and technology-driven transformation: videos from Bett 2013

For almost 30 years, the annual Bett show has offered a useful meeting point for everyone interested in how technology is transforming teaching and learning. For most of this time, however, a visit to Bett has been of far more relevance to people from the worlds of compulsory education and the FE sector than for representatives of higher education institutions.  Continue reading

Interview: Dr Rosie Wyles on Recording Student Presentations

This interview refers to student activities set up by Dr. Rosie Wyles for module 5AACGT03 Lucian, for Semester 1 of academic year 12-13.

Q: What TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) tools and activities did your students engage with this semester?
A: In the final week of the course, I recorded student presentations of about 10 minutes on a flip camera.  Continue reading

Module taster Videos for English Dpt.

We put together a series of videos, for the English department, of academics discussing their modules. These are a few minutes long, where staff give a brief overview of a module’s content and aims. Students can watch these videos as a preview, to get an idea of what the module is about, before selecting to enrol. We would like to thank the staff for participating in this new initiative. The videos are available on KEATS but you can also click on the links below.

10 YouTube Videos About Technology Enhanced Learning

What are the benefits for the teacher and learner in the context of open education and OERs (Open Educational Resources)? How does a blended-learning school boost student achievement? How can we design the schools for 21st Century Learning? What will the classroom of tomorrow be like? What are the tools and resources for the 21st Century Educator?  Continue reading

Audio and Video use in Higher Education

Podcasts enable out of hours learning by learners

Podcasts enable out of hours learning by learners

The use of audio and video with learners in higher education is on a steady rise. Many educators are turning to podcast and video to enhance their students’ learning experience in face to face sessions and also when accessing learning resources in the learners’ own time (e.g. from home or work). Audio/video are also used: for assessment purposes; providing accounts of academic research; conference presentations and preparation for academic teaching, where teaching staff practice, rehearse and listen back to themselves while preparing for upcoming sessions they will be leading.  Continue reading