Reaction Papers

Dr Kazuyo Murata is using a customized form of the “Flipped Classroom” paradigm. Through her approach students submit their 500-word reactions to the assigned readings. This can include their thoughts, comments and questions arising from the readings. The reaction papers are due the night before the seminar at midnight.

For each seminar, students are expected to read the assigned texts carefully and come prepared for discussing their thoughts and questions with their peers and the module convener. Thus the reaction papers should serve as a basis for a fruitful discussion in class after each lecture.

Traditionally, when and how long students interact with material is fixed, but the degree in which they understand and learn is variable (1). It is up to the instructor to do the mentorship, understand emotions and guide the students. Approaches, like what Dr Kazuyo Murata is applying, challenge us to rethink what the classroom might look like.

“Rethink what you can do with a classroom through digital learning. Free up time in class for more open ended and creative projects”. – Salman Khan